e-reactor is appointed to Børsen Gazelle 2021

We are proud to tell that we have been appointed Børsen Gazelle 2021.

Børsen Gazelle is a Danish phenomena where your companys performance are measured on 6 different parameters.  All 6 parameters must be achieved to be eligible to receive this appointment.

We are super happy and proud to receive such an appointment.

This is an indication that our business has been going well, not least the last 4 years, which is the period you are measured against, in relation to Børsen Gazelle.

It is also an expression that in recent years, we have been so fortunate to have customers who have assessed that a pandemic situation such as the one we have been in for a while, and continue to be in, can be used positively, and in this context to strengthen the business digitally.

Thus, we have customers who, thanks to their visionary and progressive management and board, have decided to maintain budgets for digital development – in some cases even increase them.

It takes courage, goal and vision to make such decisions, so thank you all. The Gazelle is yours too.

We continue to work tirelessly to ensure that our customers’ Magento and Pimcore solutions help to provide an even better foothold, increased progress and earnings in the years to come.